Do you shoot with two photographers, and do you have backup equipment? Yes, myself and an assistant will both shoot at a wedding. For engagement/portrait sessions it is usually just myself. We have at least three cameras at each wedding, and numerous lenses and flashes, so set your mind at ease.

Do you supply hires digital images, and how many? Yes, at least 300 images, or more, will be supplied to you on DVD as hires jpeg files. This number is only the minimum you can expect but we always aim to deliver more.

Do you digitally edit your images? Yes, I digitally edit to enhance the image, rather than manipulate the image. Images are checked for colour correctness, and enhanced with various techniques including mostly colour, black and white, and sepia. ‘Over-editing’ an image by adding in unrelated objects etc. is not a style preference of mine. Involved editing such as removing people from photographs is not included in the standard editing.

Do you also shoot Jewish and Hindu weddings? Most definitely! These weddings are always such a great cultural experience. Although I have experience with observing the protocol involved, please let me know if there will be any additional requirements.

Do you shoot destination weddings? Absolutely, just give me a call and we can discuss your requirements. I have shot destination weddings in places such as Paris, Italy, Greece, and Mozambique. I also shoot weddings throughout South Africa.

Do you do engagement, post shoot or ‘trash the dress’ photo sessions? Yes, these can be booked individually, and also form part of my various wedding photography packages. For destination weddings I would recommend a post-shoot session to take advantage of the location.

Do you offer photographic portrait sessions for individuals or families? Yes, please feel free to contact me for a quotation. Also keep in mind where you would like the shoot to take place, perhaps there is a location that is meaningful to yourself or your family. We can discuss the location or theme that you have in mind and I will also give suggestions.


What wedding photography packages do you offer? Please download my .pdf pricelist from the packages section to view my pricelist.

How do I enquire about a quotation and availability for a wedding date? Using the form under the contact page of this website, please send me an email enquiry. You are also welcome to contact me telephonically.

How do I secure a booking for my wedding date? Once you have received your quotation, your wedding date will be secured on receipt of your deposit.

How much is the deposit? Our payment structure works on installments of thirds of the total amount. The 1st installment is your deposit (capped at R5000), needed to secure your wedding date. The 2nd installment is due on or before the wedding date, with the final installment payable after receipt of your images on disc and approval of your album for printing.

Is the deposit refundable? Unfortunately once you have paid the deposit your wedding date is confirmed and I do not offer this date to any other clients. If you have a date change and I have no bookings for the new date, I will gladly move the booking to the new date. If the date is already booked I cannot refund the deposit.

Do you also supply coffee table albums? Yes, a variety of albums are available in various sizes. Covers are available in leather (black or brown) or personalised photographic cover. Inner pages are available in matt, metallic, a mixture of matt and metallic, as well as a fine art paper with matt lamination option. Additional albums can also be added to your package, please consult my pricelist for details. The album layout is also included in the price, which you will first approve via emailed electronic proofs before printing.

Can I make changes or add additional items to the pricelist packages? Certainly, please feel free to discuss any specific requirements that you have with me. Items like the engagement shoot, post-shoot, photobooth, additional hours and additional albums can also be added to your chosen package.

The Wedding Day

I don’t like posed images. How much posing is involved in the images? I bring 90% to the day the other 10% (the ‘spark’) is what you have to bring on the day. Nobody likes posed images and I also don’t like being in front of a camera, so I’ll make it as much fun as possible on the day. I’ll make sure we get great lighting, awesome backgrounds, and I’ll look at you posture and how your bodies and hands are placed. The photographs you see of smiles and laughter is not so much created by me but by the couple. I will prompt you to chat to each other. It’s in those moments when you whisper to you new wife how breathtaking she looks that I press the shutter. So, make sure you bring the ‘spark’.

How will we know what to expect, any tips or advice for the bride and groom? I meet with each couple before their wedding to get to know each other and to discuss what is going to happen on your wedding day. I also provide my clients with and exclusive ‘Wedding information booklet’ (now also available electronically) with tips and advice that I have based on years of experience, from the engagbent photo session through to the flowers on your reception table.

What do you cover on the wedding day? Coverage usually includes getting ready shots of the bride and groom (location permitting), reception area and table details, details of accessories, individual portraits of the bride and groom, the cerbony, the bridal entourage, formal family photographs, and most importantly the couple session after the wedding. Time permitting, we also cover the reception speeches, cake cutting, garter and bouquet throwing, and the first dance.

How much time do you need to shoot the couple? The couple session is usually 30 – 45 min. The ideal time for this session is an hour before sunset.

Do you take formal family photographs and table photographs of guests? Yes, these photographs are usually taken directly after the ceremony. Please allow about 15min for this process, and try not to do too many as this infringes on the time you have for your couple photoshoot. You are also welcome to request any photographs of yourself and friends or family throughout the evening at the reception.

Table photographs of your guest will also be taken by request, however I recommend the ‘Photobooth’ to get the best photographs of your family and friends. Please note that on weddings with 150 or more guests we cannot guarantee the guest table shots as logistically there are always too many people moving about to shoot them all in the time allocated. If guest table photos are an important priority to you, please arrange with the MC to get all the guests seated in order for us to photograph all the tables.

What is the ‘Photobooth’ and how does it work? The photobooth is set up with studio lights and a dedicated photographer at your reception. A variety of fun and colourfull props are also made available to your guests. Guests can then pose for a photograph individually, or as couples or groups. This usually makes for fun, unusual, and beautifully-lit photographs of your friends. We also have a printer which prints the photographs on the spot, which your guests can then collect throughout the evening.

Why is the Photobooth not an actual ‘booth’? We find that we often have to take large group shots making it impossible to fit 10 people in a small booth. By not having a small booth you get the best of both worlds – awesome couple shots and awesome group shots.

Do you take ‘un-posed’ photographs of the guests? Yes, I am constantly on the look out for unexpected moments to capture. Usually we capture relaxed images of guests visiting with each other during pre-drinks or the reception – (using a zoom lens so we can be unassuming).

What if it rains? Then we will make a plan. Balconies or under cover outdoor areas at your venue work well for shots during rain. I also carry umbrellas and take a few shots of the couple in the rain under an umbrella if the rain is not too heavy – this makes for lovely, intimate photographs and adds to the actual event. Stylish interiors also make for great photographs when it is raining outside. We can also discuss doing a post-shoot should it rain on your wedding day, should it be say, a torrential downpour and it’s a marquee in the bushveld Please note that out of about 600+ weddings we have only had to do 8 post-shoots due to rain.

What if I am having a morning wedding? For morning weddings we usually shoot the couple photographs after the reception, in order to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon light, as light in the middle of the day can be quite harsh. We can also discuss any requirements that you have regarding this.

My cousin is also a good photographer, can they tag along for the couple shoot? Although one can understand that there will be a few people with pocket cameras at the wedding, please allow me to shoot your couple session undisturbed by other photographers, as they will be distracting to you as you won’t know which camera to focus on. You have hired a professional to capture your day, leave it to me and the results will speak for themselves.

Will you stay later than the hours booked? I always take a flexible and open approach to shooting your wedding day, so I will be happy to stay a bit later should things be running late. This is obviously also within reason, and additional hours will be charged for if necessary.

The Process

Briefly, how does the process work? Step 1: Request a quote and check availability with me via the contact email form or phone. Step 2: If you are happy with the quotation, you can secure your wedding date by paying the agreed deposit. (The payments are divided into 3) Step 3: I will send you a form to get all the details for your wedding Step 4: We will meet to discuss your wedding day, and your second payment is due the day before/on your wedding day. Step 5: After the wedding, your images will be delivered to you on disc. Step 6: Album layout is done in consultation with yourself (approval via emailed electronic proofs) Step 7: Final payment is made and your printed album is delivered to you.

How long after the wedding will I receive my images, electronic album proof and albums? You will receive your images within 4 weeks after your wedding, except in December when I go on leave and the waiting period might be about 6 weeks. Within 7 working days of receiving your choice of favourite images, your electronic album proof will be emailed to you. Delivery time of your printed album is about 7 working days after final approval of the electronic proof.

Photographically Speaking

Do you shoot in a studio? Seldom. I prefer to capture people in a specific setting or environment, as it adds an extra dimension to the photographs. Studio shoots can be arranged by request.

What’s in my bag?

Bodies 1 x Canon 1DX | 1 x Canon 5D Mark III | 1 x Canon 6D Mark

Lenses Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro L Canon EF 85mm F1.2 L USM Canon EF 16-35mm F2.8 L USM Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8 LII USM Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8 L USM

Flashes and Accessories 3 x Canon 600EX speedlights 1 x Canon Flash Trigger Memory cards 100 GB Hensel studio lights for photobooth